your carbon footprint

With Office Essentials it is easy being green. All it takes is a careful evaluation of each step of your procurement process. We’ll conduct a non-invasive workplace tour to uncover ways you can a greener approach for your business.

Convert your product mix into one that is more eco-friendly:

  • Greener everyday office items
  • Recycled copy paper
  • Remanufactured toner and other print supplies
  • Furniture made from non-toxic materials
  • Green certified cleaning solutions

Be green and save green:

Our unique SmartChoice program is specifically designed to save your company time and money, while reducing your carbon footprint. We’ll help you:

  • Evaluate your Procurement Process
  • Outline a sustainable plan for your goals
  • Document your success
  • Educate employees on recycling measures, product certifications and more
  • Provide on-going guidance and ideas

We’re a one stop green solution

As a local, single source supplier, Office Essentials is green by design. We employ our own drivers and delivery vehicles. That means you save the time and cost of delivery chains and help reduce CO2 emissions.

To find greener solutions for your office, please browse our selection of recycled and green office products.

Smart Choice

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